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Cuchi Instalaciones’ seed was set in the 1960′s in Fraga (Huesca-Spain). We’re a family business dedicated to desing and calculate, install, mantain and repair the following kind of installations:

-plumbing and fixtures
-drain water
-HVAC, climating
-electrical and BMS
-gas (butane, propane, natural), for heating or gas nets
-oil for heating systems
-refrigerant warehouse
-steam net and boilers
-compressed air net and machines
-fire detection and protection net

Other certificates and credentials:
-some certified welding procedure in steel and stainless steel
-PPR welding machine for socket style
-HDPE welding machine in electrofusion style
-HDPE welding machine in butt style up to 200mm diametre
-allowed and certified welding procedure for HDPE gas net
-allowed to work for Spanish goverment under our own, without any general contractor
-ISO 9001:2008 certified

We usually work with our own employees and some free lance techs, but always under straight supervision.

Our field of work are:
-buldings, new buildings and existing buildings, for flats or offices
-houses, new or existing
-industry, for heavy industry or for medical care or hygiene products
-farms and agriculture
-malls, for retail companies or for mall’s owners, you could get our Facility Services service if you want for your stores, one company, all your technical installations, with multi-disciplinar techs

Our main influence areas in Spain are the regions of Aragon (Zaragoza or Saragossa capital city) and Catalonia (Catalunya, Barcelona capital city), but we are also working in many spread areas, like Madrid, Valencia, Marbella, Granada, A Coruña, Bilbao,…and Paris, Strasbourg, Lyon, Nantes, Nice, spreading, just about to jump to Belgium and Italy!!!

Who is enjoying our work?
-Becton Dickinson
-Codorniu Group

For further contact, or if you would like to know about us, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr. Jorge Cuchi, you’ll receive English attention.
Mr. Jorge Cuchi Esteve
+34 606 466 939